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Landscape Maintenance

All maintenance projects are unique and have differing needs and requirements. Earth Forms knows the long term landscapes success is the ability to identify and analyze the specifics associated with horticulture. All plants are unique and each species has requirement that may be as simple as: water requirements, soil structure, and tolerance to salts, or as difficult as diagnosing viral, insect, or tissue diseases. Our professional staff is well versed in both biological and chemical control to keep pests and infestations at a minimum. Comprehensive site analysis allows Earth Forms the ability to make your project thrive. An ongoing monitoring program insures proactive applications for “special need” plants, and this is the basis for why Earth Forms is able to provide superior maintenance on your project.

In addition to comprehensive plant, soil and site analysis, we review and perform water audits to ensure that water usage is at the proper level. Irrigation usage and water conservation is a priority to Earth Forms when maintaining your development. We review all systems and will make recommendation based on the systems performance. Irrigation technology has become a near science over the last decade and our knowledgeable staff looks forward to letting you know if improvements are in line. 

Earth Forms knows that professional maintenance is an investment that will increase the value of your property. Earth Forms quality reflects our on site image with employee uniforms, clean maintained equipment and new vehicles. We are not a “Mow and Blow” maintenance provider and our emphasis is on the long term relationships that will literally flourish before your eyes.

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