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Salk Institute

La Jolla, California

The Project
The Salk Institute needed additional lab space.  In order to facilitate this needed space, The Salk Institute build this facility 50 feet below the surface. Earth Forms was chosen by The Salk Institute because of our ability to meet the demanding requirements of the job, demonstrated experience in high profile projects, and our track record of delivering projects on time and on budget.

Demanding Requirements 
The construction landscaping performed here, started long before the traditional landscaping process would have started.  Earth Forms’ staff worked with Rudolph and Sletten, the general contractor, to facilitate the unique requirements for sleeving the irrigation through concrete walls and associated structural elements. Additionally, the placement of the landscape on the actual roof of the building presented significant challenges because of weight capacities. To overcome this problem, Earth Forms utilized lightweight soil. The soil was mechanical placed via a Telebelt. With this arrangement, no heavy equipment was needed, the structural integrity was never risked, and the completed result impressed everyone involved. This is a prime example of Earth Forms’ ability to leverage experience, technology, and problem solving skills to meet our client's needs.

High Profile Project Experience
The Salk Institute was founded by Robert Salk, the sole person responsible for the Polio vaccine.  Our client expected and demanded the best. We clearly met and exceeded those expectations through technical capabilities, communication, professionalism, and understanding the critical need to have the project completed as desired before the expansion ceremony and press coverage.


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