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Smart & Final

San Marcos, California

The Project
Retail Development Services, LP, contracted Earth Forms to do the planting and irrigation for the new Smart & Final in San Marcos.

Demanding Requirements
This project was a "Fast Track" project, which had many aspects of construction commenced prior to the mobilization for the landscape scope of work. Once on board, Earth Forms’ ability to be proactive and our ability to communicate with other trades allowed the project to continue the fast pace to completion. Specific coordination with the electrical contractor regarding parking island lighting, sleeving, and trenching made both our work accelerate the construction schedule. Although there were obstacles along the way, Earth Forms managed to accomplish all its scope of work, while still meeting the specific deadlines.

High Profile Project Experience
Located on the busy San Marcos Blvd and Bent Ave in San Marcos, we installed the streetscape adjacent to the project and work in public right of way. Earth Forms had to deal various challenges within these areas such as: traffic control, pedestrian control, underground utilities, existing sidewalks, as well as special city required inspections. Safety is Earth Forms main concern and deals with this issue very seriously. A specific element of this project was the SWPPP - keeping soil out of gutters, off sidewalks, and ultimately out of the storm drainage system. We all want the fish, frogs, and critters in the streams, creeks, and ultimately the ocean alive and healthy!

On Time, On Budget
The grand opening of the Smart & Final was promoted on the radio, television, and through direct mailing. This functional landscape installation accents the building and enhances the large spaces of the building and parking area, an example where a simple landscape gets much recognition.  Working with Retail Development Service was a pleasure and the project was successful for all - Owner, Developer, Contractor, a "win win win" - does it get any better?

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