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Specialty Services

Habitat Restoration: 
With the development that have grown into surrounding natural settings a new type of landscape construction has arose: Habitat Restoration. At Earth Forms we are company that loves the idea of living side by side with nature. Many creeks, native valleys, and desert setting have been set aside which require assistance to restore the sensitive habitats that make San Diego unique. It is Earth Forms business to be a Stuart to the land with all things that live on it and from it. We enjoy all projects, while some are a bit more special than others. Creating an environment for both flora and fauna to thrive: and enjoying the chirping frogs, butterflies, lizards, and native plants sure does reinforce how special of a place we live in. 

Erosion Control:
SWPPP – Storm water pollution prevention plans are a requirement for all construction projects. As a convenience to the builder Earth Forms will do the implementation, installation, maintenance, and final removal of BMP for any of our active or backlogged projects. Due to the nature of unpredictable weather and not knowing if a storm will be a “sprinkle or downpour” we reserve this service to client that have contracted us for their landscape and irrigation installations. Pricing is bid as a line item to our proposal based on a SWPPP provided with the landscape plans. We give a detail breakdown on a unit cost for additional BMP’s that would be supplemental to a base price. Service and performance to our valued customers is our priority and we will be there for your erosion control needs if requested.

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